Mitek News 2017

Mitek Has Moved
Yep thats right! After being inside the Berea Ky city limits since we opened way back in 2001 we have relocated to our new shop located on our personal property at 7271 Battlefield Memorial Highway in Berea Ky. In all reality we are only a few miles outside of Berea Ky on Highway 421 South just a couple of miles north of Big Hill Ky. See our map in the main column to the right and just click More Options for exact directions to our new location.

Mitek Help Desk 2017
Go ahead and use the helpdesk system here at Mitek Computers. Click HERE to go to our support site or simply click on the tab located at the bottom right hand corner of any page here at our website.

You can even submit a support ticket and simply drop off your system with us and we will take care of the rest. By the way Mitek Computers DOES offer pickup and delivery service for those that are unable to get out due to health reasons or situations where you simply cannot travel. Normally we provide this as a free or very low cost service, BUT depending on how far out you are, there may be a nominal travel charge involved in certain situations.

Like Us on Facebook
Speaking of Facebook, Mitek Computers updates our Facebook business page on an almost daily basis. We give you stories and links that concern everything computer related.

Whether its the latest viruses, or legislation that will affect all of us internet users, you will find relevant information that should concern us all on our Mitek Facebook page. You can also link to us and visit our pages via Google+ as well as Linked-In.

Full Color Banners
Mitek Computers had the honor and good fortune of finding the best banner company on the web.

The next time you are looking for a super nice full color banner go to

You will be amazed at the quality of their products and the prices on printed full color banners. In all reality you can get full color banners for about 25%-50% less than what you would pay locally.

We normally do not send our customers to non local business, but these guys do such a GREAT job at such affordable rates,that it only makes sense we should pass this information directly to our customers.

Mitek Partners With Lenovo

Mitek Computers is now a partner with Lenovo Computers (originally IBM) and the only OEM systems we will be selling are NEW Lenovo desktops, servers, and workstations. We still offer our OWN Mitek Computers brand of custom designed and in house built systems. This partnership with Lenovo now gives our customers many more options when it comes to affordable higher end OEM systems at extremely good prices.
In addition we are now an AUTHORIZED and RECOGNIZED Microsoft Refurbisher an have numerous refurbished systems in stock at GREAT PRICES.


FINALLY, a TRUE genius and HERO has came up with a website that keeps tracks of the latest computer repair phone and email scams, and even has a forum where people can get together and then list new and growing scam threats. We were SO tired of seeing our customers ripped off by thieves that call and state they are calling Microsoft and tell customers "your computer is infected" or call from 1-800 numbers and then explain how they need a few hundred dollars to solve the problem. MANY people fall for this simply because they are not educated to sbams such as this.

MOST COMPUTER USERS are unaware of these scams and how they work but NOW you can become truly educated and informed and know that you will not become just another statistic for these guys to prey upon.So head on over to Scam Warners any time you get a questioanble call or email or text from a source you are unfamiliar with. Any quetions? Call US at (859) 985-0050

Mitek Computers Support

Live Online Support for a computer sales and service center is almost an oxymoron. You can repair a lot of problems remotely but then again, sometimes remote repairs just won't work. There are times when you must have a hands on approach in order to solve problems. In other words the system must be sitting in front of the technician in order for repairs to be accomplished properly. Mitek Computers offers remote repairs, but in our experience, the most successful and long term repairs take place in our shop located at 7271 Battlefield Memorial Highway (Hwy 421 South) in Berea Ky. Call us at (859) 985-0050 to see if we are immediately available or just drop by. There is never an appointment necessary at Mitek Computers...EVER!

You may have noticed that at the bottom of every web page on our site we have a support tab on teh right as well as a LIVE CHAT button floating on the right. Feel free to click either of those whether you wish to send us an email or perform a live chat with us if we are available. You can also just give us a call at (859)985-0050or contact us via our contact form located here. We just want to make sure you know we are normally ALWAYS available to you whether in person or remotely.

We do offer remote repairs and in some instances it really is a great way to repair a system with simple problems and save our customer some money along teh way, however it should never be used as a replacement for real world hands on technical service. There are way to many variables and unknowns when dealing with issues remotely and many times being able to physically touch and work on a system is the difference between a system that will run great or a system that may not even boot correctly. We explain it as such. For MOST viruses and spyware a remote service call will work great and can save you money. In addition remote support is aweome for uninstalling unnecessary software or clearing up browser issues or even setting up enail or loading software such as office or even windows updates BUT there are always exceptions. We do accept PayPal or take credit cards for remote support calls. If you are a regular local customer who uses Mitek quite a bit we will even perform the remote repair call and you can simply mail in a check or drop by and pay us in person.

We do everything within our power to make sure that YOU and YOUR SYSTEM receive the best care available. We want you to be happy. We want you to tell others about our service. We want YOU to understand that we are without a doubt the best at what we do and there is NO REASON to ever use any other repair shop at all. It is our mission in life to repair computer systems. Computer repair is about all we know, we love it immensely,and we are GREAT at doing it. In fact we believe we are the BEST period, and that is not just our opinion... it is truly a fact!
Don't believe us? Just ask around or read some of the reviews our customers have left for us online. Check out or Facebook or Google Plus pages or even check us out on Thumtack and Linked In. Call the BBB if you want.What you wil lfind in no uncertain terms is that Mitek Computers is one of the highest regarded and talented technical companies anywhere within Ky or even the USA overall.

Mitek Computers Freebies

Occasionally we find freeware or free programs that actually server a purpose while costing absolutely nothing. In these instances we like sharing programs that we absolutely believe in and we hope that maybe you can find something that YOU can use on an everyday basis.


There is nothing worse than difgging around through an overloaded spam folder looking for an email from a client or friend that you REALL NEED. If there is even one thing CLOSE to worse, it would be receiving 5 emails you want and need to read, and then trying to separate those messages from the 1000 pieces of spam you received. Now this is not such a problem if you use GMail as your main email client or Yahoo or one of several others, BUT what does a person that uses Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla tHunderbird supposed to do. Well we have an answer for you and it is absolutely an AWESOME solution.

At Mitek we suggest downloading and installing a TOTALLY FREE program named Spamihilator. It is without a doubt a magcal way to delete just about ever spam message before you ever even see it. Its extremely easy to setup on any local client and once you start using it you will wonder how you ever go by without it.


Look at Mitek Computers we are all for privacy when it comes to adults, but we are also here to tell you there are some terrible people in this world, and all of them are capable of tricking and deceiving kids using websites. They are experts at it. Also its probably not a great idea to have Junior out there on a wide open computer using Google to search for goodness knows what. You really need some type of filtering system on your computer to block these undesiarable slots, while still allowing adults to do thinsg they need to do and browser to URL's they need to browse to.

So what is a concerned parent of grandparent to do. If you look around you see the majority of perental control software or browser controller software is simply way to expensive for most people. In fact it is ridiculously overpriced in our opinions. These companies KNOW parents and grandparents will pay masive amounts of money to keep their children safe and we think that is just hogwash.

Mitek Computers has found the absolute BEST solution for parents everywhere, and get this friends, it IS absolutely FREE. Yes, you heard us, FREE as in costs nothing, nada, zilch. no dinero... absolutely positively FREE. Hard to believe huh? Anyway you simply need to go here:

K9 Web Protection

Simply create a username and password and create your account, login and setup your system. Their instructions are EXTREMELY easy to follow and when you are finshed JUnior there will be limited to as little or as much as you will allow him to see. You can blacklist words or phrases, certain terms or domains, searchable words or phrases etc.. the lis tof things you can do is almost endless BUT in the end you can stop that "curiosity browsing" from ever taking root. Use K9. We PROMISE you will think we are computer GURUS for giving you this information.