Mitek News 2017

Mitek Has Moved
Yep thats right! After being inside the Berea Ky city limits since we opened way back in 2001 we have relocated to our new shop located on our personal property at 7271 Battlefield Memorial Highway in Berea Ky. In all reality we are only a few miles outside of Berea Ky on Highway 421 South just a couple of miles north of Big Hill Ky. See our map in the main column to the right and just click More Options for exact directions to our new location.

Mitek Help Desk 2017
Go ahead and use the helpdesk system here at Mitek Computers. Click HERE to go to our support site or simply click on the tab located at the bottom right hand corner of any page here at our website.

You can even submit a support ticket and simply drop off your system with us and we will take care of the rest. By the way Mitek Computers DOES offer pickup and delivery service for those that are unable to get out due to health reasons or situations where you simply cannot travel. Normally we provide this as a free or very low cost service, BUT depending on how far out you are, there may be a nominal travel charge involved in certain situations.

Like Us on Facebook
Speaking of Facebook, Mitek Computers updates our Facebook business page on an almost daily basis. We give you stories and links that concern everything computer related.

Whether its the latest viruses, or legislation that will affect all of us internet users, you will find relevant information that should concern us all on our Mitek Facebook page. You can also link to us and visit our pages via Google+ as well as Linked-In.

Full Color Banners
Mitek Computers had the honor and good fortune of finding the best banner company on the web.

The next time you are looking for a super nice full color banner go to

You will be amazed at the quality of their products and the prices on printed full color banners. In all reality you can get full color banners for about 25%-50% less than what you would pay locally.

We normally do not send our customers to non local business, but these guys do such a GREAT job at such affordable rates,that it only makes sense we should pass this information directly to our customers.

Mitek Partners With Lenovo

Mitek Computers is now a partner with Lenovo Computers (originally IBM) and the only OEM systems we will be selling are NEW Lenovo desktops, servers, and workstations. We still offer our OWN Mitek Computers brand of custom designed and in house built systems. This partnership with Lenovo now gives our customers many more options when it comes to affordable higher end OEM systems at extremely good prices.
In addition we are now an AUTHORIZED and RECOGNIZED Microsoft Refurbisher an have numerous refurbished systems in stock at GREAT PRICES.


FINALLY, a TRUE genius and HERO has came up with a website that keeps tracks of the latest computer repair phone and email scams, and even has a forum where people can get together and then list new and growing scam threats. We were SO tired of seeing our customers ripped off by thieves that call and state they are calling Microsoft and tell customers "your computer is infected" or call from 1-800 numbers and then explain how they need a few hundred dollars to solve the problem. MANY people fall for this simply because they are not educated to sbams such as this.

MOST COMPUTER USERS are unaware of these scams and how they work but NOW you can become truly educated and informed and know that you will not become just another statistic for these guys to prey upon.So head on over to Scam Warners any time you get a questioanble call or email or text from a source you are unfamiliar with. Any quetions? Call US at (859) 985-0050

Mitek Computers Services

To say that Mitek Computers offers the best computer service in the area would be an understatement. You don't stay in business 16+ years and have an A+ BBB rating unless you are doing pretty much everything right. Are we the cheapest in the area? Probably not, but ask yourself this. When it comes to anything in this world wouldn't you agree that normally you get what you pay for? It is the same in the computer business.Our prices are MUCH less than any of the big box stores like Best Buy or Staples, and we never short you, our customer on service. We do things right the first time every time, or we rework it until it is right. That is just the way we roll.

We have had customers tell us that Technician A or Technician B is only charging X amount of dollars for an OS reload or spyware removal, but then after asking the RIGHT questions we discover that was all that Technician A or Technician B was doing...a general system reload. What it comes down to is anyone with a clue about computers can install an operating system and probably do it in less than an hour or so. It is after the reload that you can differentiate between a regular person and the GREAT technicians you will find at Mitek Computers.

What they (other techs in the area, big box stores etc) cannot or will not do, without numerous extra charges or add ons to the customer, is download and install the latest driver updates for your system, then install all of the Microsoft updates available, make sure everything is updated and running perfectly, and even include backups and a BIOS update if neecessary. That is the difference between a generic or general OS reload, and a full reload like we perform at Mitek Computers.

Basically when we get finished with your system, you take it home, plug it in, connect your keyboard, mouse and internet , turn it on, and you are ready to go. Of course you will need to install your printer and any other propietary software you may need, but thats it. Your flash will work, your Java is loaded, your games will work, your browser will be the latest available for your system etc. We can even install your printer or any other peripheral device for you remotely if you want. There is MUCH more to a FULL system reload than simply sticking in a disk and walking away for an hour while it does the work for you.. much, much more.

Below is a list of our normal rates and charges for most services we perform and how much time it normally takes for us to complete the service. We also include when we try to have your system back to you and in most cases we meet or exceed our turnaround times.

  • Guaranteed Virus and Malware Removal | $75.00
  • Complete System Reload With All Updates, Drivers, Etc | $99.00
  • Backups | $25.00 MINIMUM
  • File Recovery | Minimum $45.00 first hour - $25.00 ea. additional hr. Max $200.00.
  • Power Supply Replacement w/400 Watt PS | $69.00 (MOST computers)
  • LCD Replacement Laptop | $139.00-$199.00 Most 15-17 inch LCD's
  • Laptop Power Adapter Replacement| $39.00 OR $49.00 (Depends on your type)
  • General Cleanup Inside and Out | $35.00 (Includes 1 Can Compressed Air)
  • Broken Power Jack Replaced (Most Laptops) | $99.00
  • Hard Drive Replacement (500GB Laptop | 1TB desktop) | $99.00 Does NOT include reload.
  • Hard Drive Replacement + Complete OS Reload: $169.00 Western Digital/Seagate NEW 7200 RPM Drives
  • DVD Burner Replacement (Desktop) | $59.00 (Includes 22X DVDRW)
  • Remote Service Call | $49.00 1st Hour | $15.00 per qarter hour after first hour
  • Watchdog Anti Spyware + Install Includes Lifetime License + Activation | $49.00 In person at our shop or via remote install

  • Please note our prices are not set in stone. Normal turnaround times on ALL in house service is 24 hours or less. On custom hardware orders or hard to find part orders, we normally will have the part in our shop within 2-3 business days, and we can usually install the part the same day it arrives. Sometiems parts have to come from the country of origin such as China or Taiwan and incoming hardware can be as much as 2-3 weeks out. We do lower our prices whenever possible or throw in items such as free backups etc. What we can promise you is we will give you the best service at the best price possible. If we feel your system is NOT worth the cost of the repair, we tell you up front. We never let a customer drop good money on a system when it would cost more to repair the system than it would to buy a new system. We NEVER, EVER perform any unauthorized service. Lets repeat that. We NEVER EVER perform any unauthorized service. If a repair is different than what we originally quoted you, we always call you and get your OK first. We never pad our invoices in any way, shape, or form.

    What you see above is but a small portion of the services we offer. We do MUCH, MUCH more than what you see listed. In fact there is not a lot we DO BNOT do if it is computer related at all. If you are a small or medium business looking for some new workstations or servers, or need a wired or wireless network setup, or need some help installing some new propietary software, then just give us a call at (859) 985-0050 OR email us using our contact form located HERE. We will get back with you immediately. We never charge a business for a quote on anything if you are located in our service area. We will come to your business, look over your project, and send you a firm quote within 24-48 hours via email. Our quotes are good for 10 days from the date of the quote. We work with local business any way we can, and will bend over backwards to help you whenever we can.

    NEED CASH????
    We are one of the FEW shops in the area that will pay you CASH for your broken laptop or desktop in certain scenarios. We will normally purchase any system 2 years old or less, and running at minimum Windows 7. Cracked screens, bad hard drives, missing keys, missing adapters is not a problem. We pay as good or better than any pawn shop in the area or any online buyer.


    You must be 18 years of age to sell to us or you must have a parent present, and you or your parent must provide us with a photo ID (State ID or drivers license ONLY) before we purchase anything.

    As far as laptops are concerned at minimum they must power on. We can easily test laptops or notebooks even with a broken screen or keyboard missing. If they power on and meet our minimums we will make you a CASH offer. Our offers are as good or better than anything anyone else would offer guaranteed.If teh system will NOT power on then please do not watse your time or ours bringing it by. Systems MUST at minimum power up and at least have screen writing before we make an offer. If its available please bring any software or attache or power cord with any system you wish to sell. Call us a (859) 985-0050 IF you believe you have a system you would like to sell to Mitek Computers.